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Black Widow Discography

Soldiers From Hell

Soldiers From Hell
Available now! 11.28.07
1. Moonshadow
2. Comfort in the Dark
3. Just His Wish
4. Lay Me Down
5. Soldiers From Hell
6. The Serpent
7. When the Angels Cry
8. Widow's Web
9. Venom
The Very Best of Millennium Metal Volume 1 and 2

The Very Best of Millennium Metal Volume 1 & 2, currently available at Tower Records.
Satan's Playground Black Widow's "Satan's Playground" debut CD
Release: In Stores Now. Available at:,,, The SoundGarden,, Record & Tape Traders locations,, and Joe's Record Paradise (Rockville & Baltimore MD)

1. Black Sunshine
2. Silent Scream
3. Ends of the Earth    Listen
4. BlackJack
5. Now It's Over
6. Satan's Playground
7. Brain Damage
8. Winds of Fire
9. You're Guilty
10. The Unknown
11. Night Chills
12. Heavy Metal Warrior

Cover Art Work by Joe Gadreau,

The Second Coming "The Second Coming: A Millennium Tribute to the 80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal" CD

Released 1999 by Versailles Records:

Bands Across the country paying tribute to the 80's Metal Bands
Track #11:
Dokken's "When Heaven Comes Down"

CD Now